the difference between builder gel and polygel

What’s the Difference between Builder Gel and Polygel?

With more and more methods been created to extend nails, nail extension beginners may be confused with those similar methods and products. Today we are going to answer the most commonly asked questions—what’s the difference between builder gel and polygel. After reading this blog, you will be clear about which one suits you the most.

What are builder gel and polygel?

Builder gel is a kind of UV cured gel used to create length, thickness or add strength to the nail. It can be apply to the natural nails as well as the false nail tips.

Polygel is the newest nail extension technique in nail industry. It is a hybrid between regular gel and acrylic used to extend the nail or overlay the natural nail to make it stronger.

What’s the similarity between builder gel and polygel?

  1. Both of them can be used to enhance the natural nail or extend it.
  2. Both of them need to be cured by a UV/LED lamp.
  3. Both of them need a base coat and top coat .
  4. Both of them can be applied with gel polish.

What’s the difference between builder gel and polygel?

  1. Polygel is stickier and thicker than builder gel, which means builder gel is more flexible than polygel.
  2. Although different brands and proper prep and application are the factors that decide the durability of the manicure, polygel is usually stronger and more durable than builder gel.
  3. Builder gel can be easily formed with its better flexibility, while polygel need the slip solution to smooth it then shape it. However, better flexibility means  harder to control.
  4. Applying polygel is much easier than a builder gel. Because that if you need to make your nails strong and long enough, you must apply several layers of builder gel and curing between each layer.
  5. There are more color and style choices for polygel than builder gel, such as glitter polygel, thermal color changing polygel and so on. But DIY with builder gel by adding some sequins or dried flowers is much easier than polygel.
  6. Builder gel needs to be soaked off with acetone while polygel can be easier removed by electric nail drills.

Which one is the better option for nail extension?

For this question, there is no standard answer to it. Because this is often a case of personal preference. However, we recommend polygel for nail art beginners. 

Polygel can be easily shaped at once, while builder gel needs to apply several layers. That will cause you more time and patience. 

What’s more, different styles of polygel can give you a chic nail design easily without applying additional gel polish or nail decorations. 

These two aspects means polygel is a much easier way for a beginner to do their own nails and build their confidence. 

If you are a experienced manicurist at home, just pick either product you like.

Practice makes perfect. Shop our beginner-friendly polygel starter kit as your first manicure kit, then practice to be an expert yourself!

Find the how to apply polygel from this blog: How to Use Poly Gel Kit Step by Step Tutorial at Home

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