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Is Polygel Safe? Can You Use it During Pregnancy?

Polygel, a new technique in the nail art industry, is one of the most popular way of nail extension right now. As a new product, there are a lot of people may doubt it’s safety due to lack of understanding. In fact, polygel, is one of the safest nail extension products among others technique like dip powder.

In mainstream nail products, there are 9 ingredients considered toxic. They are Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Lead, Xylene, Paraben, Ethyl Tosylamide. They can reduce cracking and improve flexibility, but proved to have dangerous effects on developmental growth, and some even cause cancer.

Thus, it’s really important for you to make sure the products you bought are free of these 9 ingredients.

Polygel is definitely free of all these toxic ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about its safety. And it is also free of the harsh smell that dip powder does.

Can polygel be used during pregnancy?


Considering the safety of the baby, many mothers will stop using any nail, hair or even skincare products when they are pregnant. Actually, you still have the chance to make yourself a charming mother!

As long as you do your nails with polygel or other nail products free of toxic ingredients, there will be no harm for you and your baby. The only thing to worry about is that your manicure can be a big problem when you are in an emergency. It will affect the machine used to detect your oxygen level when you are under anesthesia.

Since you cannot speak or react when you are under anesthesia, your body needs to play the role of the communicator. Doctors need to read your skin color and nail beds to learn how the surgery goes. If your nail beds appear bluish, you are probably in danger. How can they see your natural nail beds when you have a manicure?

Nowadays, most of hospitals use a equipment to measure your oxygen level–an oximeter. It is a tiny clip placed on your finger during surgery. If your nails are painted in a dark color such as black, purple or blue, the result reading by the machine will be influenced. This may put you in danger in the surgery. Therefore, we don’t suggest you do your nails when you are close to the due date.

Moreover, if you are really worried about any bad influence manicure may cause on you and your baby, we also discourage you having your nails done. Because your mood will also affect your baby. The bad mood will do harm to your baby instead of the nail products.

Can juveniles use polygel?

In fact, there is no technical age minimum for nail products. And theoretically, polygel is a non-toxic product that is safe for juveniles to apply. However, we discourage juveniles to apply polygel or other gel polishes.

Firstly, a manicure can be costly and time-consuming, they’d better do it when they can afford it. Secondly, juveniles may break their nails easily when they are doing sports, which may cause bacterial infection. Thirdly, it’s hard for juveniles to keep up with maintenance every 2-3 weeks, and soaking or filing them off will cause some damage to the natural nails more or less.

Even if you are an adult, we also suggest you remember to give your nails a break and take good care of them daily to make them healthy and beautiful.

If you are a real fan of nail art, our beginner-friendly polygel starter kit is your best choice to express your creativity in designing! Grab it now to enjoy your DIY time!

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