Men Can Paint Their Nails Too

If you usually communicate with people on reddit or other forum about nails, you may frequently see people asking “how do you think a man wearing nail polish?” “Is it okay for men to do manicure?” “Do you think it is unmanly for men to get manicures and pedicures?”

We can see from this questions that there are a lot of men wants to get their nails painted, but having the concern of others’ judgment. There’s a stereotype that manicure is only girls’ right. If a man wear nail polish, he must be making a spectacular statement instead of just having fun expressing himself. People may think a man who wears nail polish is a gay or unmanly.

It’s time to separate gender presentation and personal self-expression. Men can paint their nails just as normal as all the girls do. You can find several undeniable reasons bellow:

Manicure products are not only designed for women. Men can use them too.

Did you ever seen any nail product specifies only for women? At least I’ve never seen one during my whole life. So, there’s absolutely no any problem for men to use nail polish or gel polish at all.

It is necessary to take care of your nails, as well as for men.

Although people are doing manicure for good-looking in the vast majority of cases, it is also a necessary process of taking care of your nails. Using your hand to do housework like dish washing, cooking and contact some harsh chemicals can cause damage to your nail beds easily. Simply applying a layer of clear gel polish can make your nails shiny, at the same time, protecting them from damaging.

Study shows that people with higher income pay more attention to their appearance like wearing, make up, hair styles, nails care and etc. Having well-maintained nails are very important because hand-shaking is the most commonly used, globally widespread greeting tradition.

Nobody wants to leave a bad impression for people they meet the first time, especially in important occasions. Therefore, keeping your nails clean and pretty is of equal importance for both man and woman.

Manicure can help stop nail biting and recover your nails

There’s a lot of people suffering from nail biting since their childhood and cannot get rid of this bad habit easily. Nail biting can lead to numerous health problem such as infection, oral disease, nail abnormalities, low self-esteem and so on.

Applying nail polish or polygel nail extension is proved to be effective for stopping nail biting. These nail products can add more strength to your nails and making them not that easy to be bite off. As long as you stick to it, you will gradually quit biting. This is also a reason for men to do manicure.

Manicure is a part of fashion.

Nowadays, a lot of popular singers and culture celebrities paint their nails as part of art and fashion. A wonderful nail color which matches your clothing collaboration will make you more attractive. And black nails are mostly used for rock stars which states cool and full of rock spirit.

Everybody has the right to do whatever he likes.

Everyone is an independent individual in the world. Everyone have the right to do whatever he likes as long as it is legal and ethical. Girls can have fun painting their nails, so why boys cannot?

Even though there’s just minority of men who paint their nails, we are not supposed to judge people who are not acting the same as us. They are just doing it for a kind of self-expression and we should respect them instead of being offensive.

To be brief, boys, if you want to get your nails painted, just go ahead to do it. You don’t need to be afraid of others judgment. Having fun doing yourself is the most important thing!

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