TOP 9 Different Nail Shapes for You to Choose From for Your Next Manicure

Whether you are going to a nail salon or taking time for a DIY manicure at home, except for choosing the polish type and color, picking out the right nail shapes also should in your list. Nail shape names aren’t complicated-almond, square, squoval-but what nail shape to choose is far more complex. 

Still thinking about a round or square shape before going to a nail salon? Apart from basic round and square shapes, a whole host of new chic nail shapes have emerged from celebrities and influencers. Some nail shapes are really comfortable to wear in daily life, while others are perfect for special occasions.

Then how to find the best nail shape for your hands? There are several factors you should take into consideration, including your cuticle line shape, fingers length and your lifestyle. So today, To help you choose the perfect nail shape, here at Vettsy, we create a guide to the TOP 9 nail shapes on Instagram for you to choose from.

1. Round Nails

What they are: A round nail shape is the most natural shape that’s similar to your original nail shape.

It is easy to maintain and especially suitable for short nails. A round nail will last for a long time even if you work with your hands a lot.

Features: natural, cute, low-maintenance

2. Oval Nails (U Shape)

What they are: An oval shape is a kind of like a round nail, but the curvature is more extreme than it. In order to achieve an oval shape, your nails should grow slightly beyond the fingertip.

This shape can elongate your fingers, so it is an ideal shape for those who have short fingers with wide nail beds.

Features: classy, elegant, elongating

3. Almond Nails

What they are: Because of having a similar look to an actual almond, this nail shape is named almond. An almond shape comes from the oval shape but ends up with a slightly sharper tip.

Considered as the chicest nail shape among most of the manicure lovers, the almond shape looks best on medium to long nails and contains little drama as well as functionality. If you have slim and tender fingers, wearing almond shapes will make your hands look more glamorous.

Features: chic, sexy, strong

4. Square Nails

What they are: Square nail shapes are all about flat edges, straight sides and sharp corners.

It is suitable for both short and long nails, but it looks best with long, narrow nail beds and slim fingers. It is such an easy shape that you can easily create by yourself at home.

Features: cool, concise, low-maintenance

5. Squoval Nails

What they are: Squoval is the square-meets-oval hybrid shape. A square shape with round corners makes a squoval shape, or you can say, an oval shape with a flat edge makes a squoval shape.

It’s a very popular shape for people who hate sharp corners. It works with any nail length and looks perfect on wide and long nail beds.

Features: classic, easy-to-achieve, smooth

6. Stiletto Nails

What they are: If you want to find a dramatic nail shape, the stiletto will be the one you desire. A stiletto shape is similar to an almond shape but ends at a much sharper point.

This long, pointy shape is a daring fashion style great for special occasions such as Halloween, party and clubs. Nail extension with poly nail gel, acrylic or false nail tips is required for this shape, due to natural nails of this length will be not strong enough.

Features: dramatic, eye-catching, outrageous, high-maintenance

7. Coffin or Ballerina Nails

What they are: Just as the name indicates, this shape resembles both a coffin and a ballerina shoe. It is created from a stiletto, but with a very straight edge across the top.

Coffin nails become more and more popular on Instagram, but it is not that daily like regular square or oval shapes. Extension is also necessary for this shape to achieve the length.

Features: stylish, noble, high-maintenance

8. Lipstick Nails

What they are: This extraordinary shape is inspired by the cut angle of a lipstick. It is a trend that some people are totally obsessed with while others couldn’t even accept.

You can wear a lipstick shape with your natural nail or with a nail extension. This shape looks great with dual-tone manicures.

Features: unique, outstanding, noval

9. Flare Nails

What they are: A flare nail is also known as a duck bill nail. It flares upward and out, which resembles a duck bill. It is a kind of uncommon style, but very suitable for nail art painting such as skirt or cute animals.

Flare nails are often the result of nail extension with polygel or acrylic, because a natural nail can never grow that way! They shouldn’t be too long or there will be a risk of breaking easily.

Features: dramatic, lovely, vintage

Find a favorite shape for your next manicure from the Top 9 nails shapes above? If not, here are some suggestions for you to find your perfect nail shape.

  • If you want to keep low-key and require practicability, round, oval, squoval shapes can be your first choice.
  • Square, almond shapes are ideal for people who want to make some change.
  • The dramatic stiletto, coffin, lipstick and flare shapes are designed for special occasions to make you stand out from the crowd!

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