9 Lazy Girl Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Are you bored with single color application? Do you want to try nail art but don’t know how? Here are 9 lazy girl nail art designs for you to start with!

1. Any Base Color with Nail Stickers and Transfer Foils

Nail stickers and transfer foils are definitely the easiest and perfect nail art tools for beginners. You can get any styles and patterns you want, even some super complicated designs that cannot be painted manually.

How to use:

* Self Adhesive Nail Stickers

Peel the stickers off with a tweezer and apply it on your nail after applying base coat or any color gel. Press them tight then apply top coat to seal the whole nail.


* Transfer Foils

Apply a thin layer of transfer glue on your nail after applying base coat or any color gel, then put transfer foil on your entire nail or part of it and press to make sure the patterns fully transfered. Seal with top coat and you are all set.


2. Polkadots Design with Nail Art Dotting Pen

Nail art dotting pen is an super useful nail art tool that you must have. It helps making a lot of nail designs easily. Polkadots design is a basic one.

How to use:

Choose a suitable size of dotting pen with a color gel that matches your base color, then dotting on your nails randomly. Cure it and seal with top coat.


3. Cute Flowers Design with Dotting Pen

Dotting pen can be used to make cute simple flowers design as well.

How to use:

Dot 5 little dots between each other to form a circle, then choose another gel polish color to dot in the center as the stamen. A lovely flower design has done.


4. Quick and Easy French Design with A Nail Stamper

Are you a French manicure lover but never get it perfect by yourself? Here’s a super easy and quick method for you! All you need is just a nail stamper.

How to use:

Apply some gel polish on the nail stamper then simply press your nail into the stamper at a 35 degree angle and slowly take out. Cure it and seal with a top coat.

Press at different angles and pressure can create different kinds of French tips.


5. Color Gel or Nail Powder with Hollow Stickers

Hollow stickers can give you various shapes prints without painting.

Ho How to use:

Apply base coat, base color gel and cure. Stick the hollow sticker on your nail, then apply another color gel and cure. Peel off the sticker then you will get the prints on your nail.

If you are using nail powder instead of color gel, apply some nail glue on the hollow part after placing the sticker on your nail. Pour the nail powder on your nail and press to make sure the powders adhere tightly. Cure it and peel the sticker off.


6. Concise Geometric Design with Tapes

Drawing a straight line is too hard for you? Try with some tapes.

How to use:

Stick a piece of tape on your nail and leave the area you need to paint. Paint that area and cure. Peel off the tape and you will get a perfect straight sideline.

Using this method, you can make different checker designs and geometric designs easily and perfectly.


7. Easy Ombré with Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges are your best helper for Ombré nails.

How to use:

Apply 2 or 3 colors of gel polishes beside each other on the flat surface of a piece of makeup sponge. Dab the sponge on your nail and move in a zig zag motion to blend the colors naturally. Repeating the process for 2 to 3 times, you will get a nice Ombré!


8. Sexy Swirl Design with Nail Art Liner Gel

You may not be able to draw a perfect straight line, but you can definitely draw wonderful curve lines. The newly released nail art liner gel is a best choice for nail art beginners.

How to use:

Apply a clear base or any color base. Open the nail art liner gel and draw swirls on your nails casually. Seal with top coat and your simply but elegant design has completed.


9. Bubble Design with Chrome Powder and Soap

Bubble design is a very stylish and easy design.

How to use:

Prepare some bubble water with soap on the side. Apply top coat on your design and apply the bubbles on it. Cure them together under a UV/LED lamp, then you will get a chic bubble top.


Aren’t these designs easy and funny? Go get all the materials you need in and enjoy endless fun of making these cute designs with your friends at home!

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