How to Make a Chic Design with Our New Reflective Glitter Gel Polish?

Whether you’re seven years old or 70, there’s no denying that glitter nail polish is just fun and charming! Those sparkling glitters will let you always want to look down at your hands and smile.

Today we are going to introduce you a super shinning and gorgeous glitter gel polish with reflective effect!

This super premium glitter gel polish contains a high density of glitters, making it super shinning under the natural sun light. It’s reflective attribute makes it more shinning when it is under a strong light. You can see it from this picture.

It has the similar effect with reflective glitter powder, but applying gel is much easier than the powder, and lasting longer in the meanwhile. With only 3 steps: base coat, glitter gel and top coat, you will get a dazzling nail design.

How to make a chic nail design with this glitter gel polish?

If making all the nails in one color is boring for you, you can express your creativity to collocate it with other nail products like pure color gels, cat eye gels, decorations and so on.

Here are some fashionable designs we would like to recommend you and inspire you.

  • Similar color collocation

Similar color collocation can’t be a wrong choice at anytime. We’ve got a variety of 15 colors for you to choose. Color 01 and 13 are silver series that matches almost every other colors perfectly. Color 05, 06 and 11 are red series, 02 and 09 are green series, 03,08 and 12 are blue series, 04,07,10 and 15 are yellow series. Following the similar color principle, you can choose 2 or 3 colors in the same color series, or you can choose a similar pure color gel polish to match it. Here are some examples:

  • Complimentary color collocation

Complimentary colors mainly refers to strong contrast colors like classical black and white, black and pink, yellow and purple. Choose your favorite colors to make a cool design with complimentary colors.

  • Collocated with cat eye gel polishes

Cat eye gel polish is also a kind of gel polish with shimmering powders. It matches our new glitter gel perfectly and makes the whole design more noble.

  • Collocated with rhinestones

Adding some rhinestones will give your nail design a stereoscopic effect.

  • Animal prints over glitter gel

Animal prints are always one of the most popular elements of fashion, which is never out of date. Cute zebra prints and sexy leopard prints with color 01 glitter gel are definitely gorgeous.

  • Gradient style with nail decorations

Compared with full coverage, gradient style with clear base for glitter gel polish will be more noble and elegant. Try this design to fit your white dress.

  • Glitter French style

Apply a clear or black base then use the glitter gel to make a special French style will be extremely chic.

  • Glitter patterns on a clear base

Paint some cute stars and hearts with the glitter gel on a clear base is absolutely lovely and outstanding when it is under the strong light.

Got an idea to create your own design with our super premium glitter gel polish? Pick your favorite colors and get started right now!

A whole set of all the 15 colors is a better deal! Collect all if it’s really hard for you to decide which color to choose. Don’t choose, take it all!

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